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About Union

The Sudan Optometrists Union (SOU) is a professional and regulatory body responsible for the development of the Optometry profession in Sudan.
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About Conference

The 2nd International Conference of Optometry entitled “Together for Accessible Eye Care” is a collaborative effort between the Sudanese Optometrists union (SOU)
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About Union

The Sudan Optometrists Union (SOU) is a professional and regulatory body responsible for the development of the Optometry profession in Sudan. The SOU was founded in 1992 to unite the optometry professionals as well as provide a united front to promote the activities of the members. Since that time five consecutive committees were elected to run the programs of the union and recently the SOU established the web site to show the ‘face’ of optometry and optics in Sudan and reflect all its events.

Our Mission

The mission of SOU is to promote high quality optometric care for the population, preserve and advance the profession of optometry.

Objectives of SOU

  1. Promote communication and activities between members and to maintain effective collaboration.
  2. To maintain, promote and protect the visual welfare of the people of Sudan.
  3. To support, uphold and protect the character and status and advance the interest of the profession of optometry.
  4. To assist in developing an informed public opinion on matters relating to optometric vision care.
  5. To hold educational and professional meetings and conferences between optometrist from other countries.
  6. To promote friendly environment among optometrists and other health professions.
  7. To co-operate or affiliate with any other national or international organization of optometrist or optometric associations.


Any optometrist has Optometry degree from a school or college that has been accredited by Sudanese National Council for Medical and Health Professions (SNCMHP) and who agrees to practice consistent with the Statement of Ethics of (SNCMHP), is qualified to apply for active membership and may become an active member of the union upon a majority vote of the Board of Directors. Active members may vote, hold office and are extended the privilege of debate.

In Conclusion

The challenges facing our profession are considerable. The Executive Committee looks forward to work with all its members to promote our common vision. We want to achieve more harmonization of the scope of practice of optometry across Sudan and establish optometry as the main provider of primary eye health.

The important event

The SOU committee is delighted to announce the launching of the first international congress of optometry in Sudan to be conducted during February 27 – 28, 2016.

The aim of this event is to encourage the development of research and implementation of plans and programs to enhance eye health. The plan also addresses engagement and effective partnerships to strengthen eye health and to promote profession.

Khartoum 2016 will host this historic event and offers delegates the opportunity to discuss and debate key issues, to interact with colleagues from around the world, and to learn from each other.We look forward to welcome you in Khartoum participating in this important event. All conference details available in conference page.

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