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About Union

The Sudan Optometrists Union (SOU) is a professional and regulatory body responsible for the development of the Optometry profession in Sudan.
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About Conference

The 2nd International Conference of Optometry entitled “Together for Accessible Eye Care” is a collaborative effort between the Sudanese Optometrists union (SOU), Al-Neelain University (academic sponsor) and other associates. The International Conference will serve as the global platform where researchers, educators and administrators will share expertise and engage in the development of the future of the profession.
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2nd International Conference of Optometry

“Together for accessible eye care”

10-11 February 2018

Khartoum, Sudan

The Conference

The 2nd International Conference of Optometry entitled “Together for Accessible Eye Care” is a collaborative effort between the Sudanese Optometrists union (SOU)

Conference aims

  • Promote education, research and scientific knowledge in optometry and optics.
  • Collaborative working for accessibility of eye care.
  • Enhance communication and cooperation among eye care professionals.

Who present an abstract?

Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, Vision Scientists, Researchers and students can present their work on current clinical and basic science advances, research and education. There is a limit of three abstracts an individual may submit as main author. There is no limit on the number of times you may appear as co-author. (Please remember that if your submission is accepted as the main author you are expected to attend the Conference to make the presentation).

Theme categories

The Conference will receive submissions under the following themes:

  • Refractive errors
  • Contact lenses
  • Binocular vision
  • Rehabilitation and low vision
  • Glaucoma
  • Posterior segment diseases
  • Systemic diseases and its effects on the eye visual system.
  • Child eye health and pediatrics
  • Application and effects of systemic and ocular pharmaceuticals on the visual system
  • Anterior segment diseases
  • Ophthalmic lenses and ophthalmic optics
  • Refractive surgery
  • Vision and Neurological disorders
  • Practice management
  • Human resources development

Type of submissions

The structure of the Conference includes: lectures and short presentations, poster presentations and clinical workshops. Videos and photography will complement the program. There is a separate call for submissions for these categories.

The formats are oral and poster presentations. The selected oral presentations are scheduled for a maximum of 15 minutes (without exception). If sufficient abstracts are selected on a specific theme, it is possible that they will be gathered in groups of accredited points.

The posters will be displayed during the Conference and authors will be required to be present at their posters on the day and times specified. The organizers seek to individually accredit high quality posters submitted. Please visit Submission to see how to submit the abstract and registration.

The Conference will receive submissions for:

  • Research
  • Case studies
  • Clinical experiences
  • Technological innovations
  • Educational

Conference sessions

Lectures and academic researches: Leading researchers and academics will focus on the latest developments in eye health care. The conference also offers two keynote lectures.

Case studies: These sessions will bring together brief case studies for discussion, allowing delegates to share and compare their practice.

Clinical workshops:Workshops will be held at the conference and will support the development of practical skills.

Poster presentation: Posters will explore a range of topics, giving delegates opportunity to gain valuable insights and develop their personal experiences.

Symposium: These symposia will explore and discuss the major issues facing the practice and development of optometry across the region

The Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is responsible for receiving, reviewing and making decisions on the selection of abstracts. The Committee will make the final decision on selected abstracts, timing and format of presentation. Selected presenters will be informed about any changes in the Conference program. The Committee may request any further information and/or clarification on the abstracts submitted in order to make a final decision.

The lead author should be the presenter.

  • Abstracts for scientific oral presentations should include the purpose, methodology and methods, results and conclusion. Other oral presentations should include a background of the proposed material to be presented with either some analysis of data or analysis of the situation and recommendations.Case Reports should include case history, objective, measurements, assessment/diagnosis, case management and discussion.
  • Poster abstracts should include the purpose, method, results and conclusion.
  • Posters must measure no more than 1.2m (47“) in length and 0.90m (35“) in height. The material must be readable from a distance of at least one meter (3ft).
  • Abstracts must be submitted in Word using Arial font size 11 and 1.5 lines spacing.

Evaluation criteria

The abstract evaluation criteria are:

  • Scientific/clinical relevance and novelty.
  • Sound methodology.
  • Clear and concise description of findings.
  • An acceptable conclusion based on the findings. The Scientific Committee will assess all submissions using these criteria.

Author Agreements

Authors submitting an abstract agree to the following:

  • If the abstract is accepted, the lead author should attend the Conference to present his work.
  • The author is responsible to fund his/her attendance to the conference
  • The work reported in the abstract must be originally done by author(s).
  • The author(s) is/are responsible for the contents of the work presented.
  • Any changes in the content or availability of the lead author must be notified to the Scientific Committee immediately.
  • Posters must measure no more than 1.2m (47“) in length and 0.90m (35“) in height. The material must be readable from a distance of at least one meter (3ft).


The closing date for submission is November15th, 2017. The abstract should be submitted to Authors will receive written notification of abstract acceptance within six weeks after submission. We encourage early submission to allow for any clarifications and/or corrections before the Scientific Committee reviews submissions. All presenters will be required to register for the Conference at time for their submission. If you have any questions, contact info-optom@Sudanese (English) or Arabic.


The selected abstracts will be published on the Conference website. Abstracts should be submitted in clear and concise English. The author is responsible for using correct grammar and spelling, but the Scientific Committee reserves the right to edit abstracts as needed.

Travel Grants

All selected presenters will need to fund their own attendance at the Conference. They will be entitled to a free Conference fee (one presenter per abstract). The organizers are working to establish a fund for accommodation of the most distinguished abstracts selected. More details will be available on the Conference website.

Invited speakers

Professor Emeritus Dr Norhani Mohidin

Professor Datuk. Dr. Rokiah Omar
Professor Dr. Kovin Naidoo
South Africa
Professor.peter Anthony Russo
Dr. VR Moodley
South Africa
Dr. Srinivas Marmamula
Dr. Mona Kazim
Dr. Yazan Gammoh
Dr. Fahima Karolia
Dr.Basima Aldelegan
Dr.Gregg Pusateri
Dr.Hassan Awada

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