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The Sudan Optometrists Union (SOU) is a professional and regulatory body responsible for the development of the Optometry profession in Sudan.
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The first International Congress of Optometry entitled “Optometry for healthy vision” is a collaborative effort between the Sudanese Optometrists union (SOU) and its associates.
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Optometry in Sudan (Historical Review)

In Sudan, Optometry science established in 1954, at Khartoum Eye Hospital, Ministry of Health. A plan for taking 10 students every 3 year awarded Diploma degree was approved. This continued up to the 1980 of the last century. The Institute of Optometry and Visual Sciences was recognized by the ministry of high education in 1985 and accredited as one of the high education institutions. Since then annual intake of students were considered followed by reconstruction and updating the whole institute in all aspects.

In the year 1997, the Institute of Optometry and Visual Sciences joined the University of Al-Neelain to be the Faculty of Optometry and Visual Sciences. The graduation degree was then four years BSc (Honor). Also a pilot program to upgrade the Diploma holders was approved and most of the targeted joined the program and got their BSc degrees.

MSc degree by courses and projects was started in the year 2000 and curriculum reviewed in the year 2011 to be modular programs. The PhD was started in 2003 and by now 9 of the candidates have their doctorate degrees. All of the optometrists were to be registered after passing the exams prescribed by the Sudanese National Council for Medical and Health Professions after the pre registration period (2 years).

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